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Campaign of the West

 This Campaign starts as Col. Baylor  starts from Texas and invades  New. Mexico with 922 men. and faces the large force of Canbys ft. Craig.vols. soon will the 5th. 7th.and 4th  Texas will join baylors boys  and also the colo. vols  will meet the rebs in this battle . Created by Sherod Hunter.


In the spirit of the IronBrigade's Challenge series, this Duel will test the Commanders' ability to fight the enemy on even terms. Created by Pete Longstreet.

Duel 1a

In the spirit of the IronBrigade's Challenge series, this Duel will test the Commanders' ability to fight the enemy on even terms.  Created by Pete Longstreet.


This battle pits the two most famous brigades of the Civil War against each other on a brand new map created for this scenario. Created by Otis Birdsong

Washington, Late

This version adds troops, and artillery to the Confederate side. Which will help to equal out the Confederate and Federal numbers. The Confederates can gamble on defense and hope the Federal opponent will attack into prepared positions, or can rest his troops for a short time and go on the offensive. Created by 12th KY

Northern Virginia '63


Fictional battle set in Northern Virginia in May 1863.Hooker tries to flank Lee's position at Fredericksburg by crossing at fords futher west along the Rappahanock and Rapidan Rivers.. Created by GHSteuart

Blue and Grey

the complete set of 10 battles. A new battle series set in several historical sites  and some non-historical sites. Scenarios made for online play. Created by Stonewall

Richmond Kentucky

Battle of Richmond Kentucky.  Kirby Smith is moving north into Kentucky from the rough country friendly only to Yanks in the Appalachian Mountains of KY and TN. His goal is to take Lexington in Confederate sympathetic central Kentucky . Created by Ben Helm

Gettysburg 63 BH

2 Day version of Gettysburg- No Flags/NEW MAP-   Arrival times are a bit earlier for both armies to fit into a 50 turn 2 day battle.  Artillery unit #s and composition changed. Result = more firepower here. Stuart's cavalry is proplerly screening and comes up on the rebel flanks.  The Union gets the 12th Corps as was expected by Howard/Doubleday on Day 1 historical. Created by Ben Helm

Richmond 1862

Historical Alt Battle based on the 7 Days.  Thanks to Col. Hiram Berdan for his order of battle use alt. in this scenario.  Roughly Even units; includes naval action at Harrison's Landing. Created by Ben Helm

Richmond 62

Richmond '62 is an alt battle of McClellan's Richmond Campaign up the Peninsula.  The fighting includes the amphibious landing of the Union at Harrison's Landing and the reinforcement of Lee by Jackson's Corps. Created by Ben Helm

"The Crater"

After weeks of preparation on July 30, 1864 the Federals exploded a mine in Burnsides IX Corps sector beneath Pegram's Salient blowing a gap in the Confederate defenses at Petersburg. Created by Sean Harris

Chickamauga: JC

This version of Chickamauga  is an attempt to better represent the number of troops. Created by General Breckinridge

15 Turn War: Heth's Defense

Confederate Harry Heth will see his command destroyed unless he performs well on the defensive in this scenario. His division will survive only with skilled generalship. What will he do...Created by Otis Birdsong

Battle of Kentucky

This Battle of Kentucky scenario allows Bragg to get it  right and consolidate his Army of Mississippi in the rich farmlands of the Bluegrass. The Union Army under Don Carlos Buell's and his 3 corps are marching east of Louisville on 3 different roads.  They are under orders to  find and defeat the rebel invaders.  The map is a loose interpretation of the fields around Perryville. Created by General Helm

Perryville GZ

The Battle of Perryville nearly ended in disaster for General Bragg, who, believing that most of the Federal army was far to the north, marching from Lousiville toward Frankfort, sent 16,000 Confederates under Leonidas Polk into the path of Buell's entire force of some 60,000 men. Created by General Zin

Kali Challenge I

This scenario is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is played upon a new 80x80 map and is 35 turns in length. The Confederate player moves first in this scenario but the reinforcements are staggered to minimize the first-move advantage. All reinforcements will arrive by turn 10. Created by ****Stonewall****

Champion Hill

General Johnston's order was clear : to save the Army of Mississippi by attacking Grant's columns at Clinton. But Pemberton resolved to disobey, letting more than half of his Army inactive in the stronghold, and managing to cut off the enemy's supplies. Which led to the battle of Champion Hill, and the crushing confederate defeat in spite of Bowen and Tilghman's heroism. Thus the agony of Vicksburg begun. Created by General Beauregard

Virginia: 1864

The Overland Campaign : from Wilderness to Boydton Plank Road. The bloody struggle for the final victory in Virginia that opposed the two greatest leaders and the largest armies of the Civil War. Created by General Beauregard.

Challenge 22

Challenge 22 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is 56 turns in length and is a "no flag" scenario for those who prefer this type of battle. The Union player moves first in this scenario but the unit arrivals are offset to minimize this advantage. The last reinforcements will arrive on turn 23. Created by ****Stonewall****

Aquia Creek

Fictional Battle of Aquia Creek. What if Lee attacked to the east of Pope's Army of the James to the vital supply depot and landing at Aquia. Created by Col Hiram Berdan

1st Manassas 2002

The First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) was the first major battle of the Civil War.  The Union army, under the command of Brigadier General Irvin McDowell, consisted of 35,000 poorly-trained, ill-equipped men led by inexperienced officers.  Nonetheless, it was the largest army ever assembled in North America. Created by Col Hiram Berdan

Challenge 20

Challenge 20 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is played upon a 80x80 map and is 56 turns in length. Challenge 20 is a "No Flag" scenario for those who prefer this type of battle. Created by ****Stonewall****

The Fairfax Campaign: 1861

Providence 7/61
Pierre Beauregard commanding the Confederate forces near Washington wanted to give battle closer to the Federal capital near Providence (Fairfax Courthouse). Would this forward deployment have served the Confederates as well as the Manassas lines chosen by Robert E. Lee? 
Alexandria 8/61
Could the Confederates have exploited their victory at First Bull Run by seizing the heights in Alexandria that commanded Washington and its port? 
Accotink 10/61
In late October 1861, the armies in northern Virginia faced each other across Accotink Creek.  This was Johnston's last good chance to make a stand:  a dispersion of his army, ordered by Davis against the advice of Beauregard and Lee, was imminent.
Created by Richard Patard

The Fairfax Campaign: 1862

Accotink 9/62
The morning of Sept. 1 finds Longstreet and Stuart approaching the Orange & Alexandria RR at Fairfax and Burke Stations, Pope's main supply depots.  The Rebels must move fast to get between Pope's army and Washington before it is joined by units from Washington and Alexandria.
Providence 9/62
After its defeat at 2nd Bull Run on August 30, 1862, Pope's Army of Virginia retreated to Centreville.  Lee, now reinforced by D.H. Hill's Corps from Ricmond, still sought to cut Pope's lines of retreat to Washington, which converged at Providence.
Arlington 9/62
Suppose Lee, after Second Bull Run, had outflanked Pope's retreating army south of Providence and then turned east to seize the Union forts around his wife's estate on Arlington Heights, overlooking Washington.  This is the scenario that Lincoln feared most, and told Pope to avoid at all costs.
Alexandria 9/62
 Lincoln's insistance on sending almost all available troops to Pope in late August had gravely weakened Washington's defenses.  McClellan, in charge of those defenses, did not have enough trained artillerymen to man the guns of many of the forts around the capital.
Rock Creek 9/62
Suppose Lee after Second Bull Run had outflanked Pope's retreating army south of Providence, then turned north to capture the Chain Bridge over the Potomac upstream from Washington but inside the ring of Union forts around the city.  Could Union forces have kept the Rebels from crossing Rock Creek into Washington, then swiftly driven them off the heights above Georgetown, as politics and diplomacy would have compelled them.
Created by Richard Patard


 The Union main objective should be to hold the town as long as possible and then to withdraw to more defensible ground. The Rebels should try to destroy the Union forces and occupy the most strategic positions before the main Union reinforcements arrive. Created by ****Stonewall****

Challenge 18

Challenge 18 is designed to give each player an equal opportunity for victory. It is 50 turns in length and is played upon a new 80 X 80 map. Unit arrivals are offset to minimize the Confederate player's first-move advantage. Created by ****Stonewall****

Rodes' Dilemma

The Withdrawal: Rodes' Dilemma....Confederate Robert Rodes faces an immediate assault and heavy pressure from a multitude of Union commands. He has the brigades of George Doles and Stephen Ramseur with which to organize a withdrawal and avoid being crushed. Created by Otis Birdsong